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Jobb som matchar it i Stockholm

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Job Post Details

Java Developer - job post

111 52 Stockholm
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111 52 Stockholm

Fullständig jobbeskrivning

We are seeking Java developers with AWS experience.

The role

We believe you are curious and thoughtful, and don't only think about how a problem can be solved, but why you would solve it that way. How to get to that solution from the way the code looks now, and how it can be tested to make sure it keeps working.

We think you enjoy experimenting, sharing knowledge and collaborating with your colleagues to find solutions that will last, not just work.

You will work collaboratively in a team, often in pair or mob programming settings depending on the task at hand.

Key experience and qualifications required

You must have all of the following experience and competencies, which must be evidenced in your CV:

  • Java
  • Agile methodologies
  • Fluent in English, written and spoken
  • Cloud knowledge – AWS (for example lambda, API Gateway, DynamoDB, SQS, CloudFormation)
  • Enjoy working in pairs and mobs with your fellow teammates

Valuable experience and qualifications

The following experience and proficiency will make you stand out, and must be evidenced in your CV:

  • Container architectures
  • Microservices and Serverless architecture
  • Infrastructure as code
  • Spring Boot
  • DevOps with CI/CD
  • Elite Software Performer philosophy of DevSecOps where each team is a self-contained unit fully responsible for the assets they create
  • Fluent in Swedish, written and spoken

Your application

Your CV plays an important role in the evaluation. It must illustrate the specific skills relevant to this opportunity, otherwise it might be rejected without notice.

We ideally need your CV in Word format, highlighting the specific skills relevant to this request. Word format CVs have a much higher pass rate in applicant tracking systems.

Our roles are often filled quickly, so if you’re considering applying, get your application in as soon as possible.

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