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Not good for nurses
Skrivet av Registered Practical Nurse (tidigare anställd) från Toronto, ON den 3 december 2018
First of all and most importantly, this company does very little in advancing your career and learning experience as a nurse.

They might employ you as a nurse but your task and responsibilities are at a lower skill level than a psw.

They will also ask you to work during times you are unavailable and won't give you jobs for when you actually request - mer... it.

The app idea is great but you may have to use your data in certain clients home

The pay is terrible for what you had to pay in order to get your diploma or degree, cno registration, and to do the actual job(which is sit just house ... - mindre
Fördelarthe app is convenient and the job allows flexibility
NackdelarYour nursing skills may suffer and the pay is not worth it
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