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Teaching in a calm environment where it enables you as teacher to teach and learners to learn. Sufficient time is allocated for each teacher to manage his/her school work and admin within the school hours.

One could manage a balanced lifestyle between your school day and personal life. Sufficient support in all aspects regarding school is provided.

Management has been very supportive in more that one way.

An international team of educators gives one the liberty to share your point of view - regardless of the diversity of culture and background. It challenges and broadens one's own perspective of education. We have all learned a great deal from one another.

The hardest part has been the time spent in another country far from your own home. But it has been an experience which I have never regretted once, as it has just added value to my life.

The most enjoyable part: Working with international staff and teaching children from several different cultures. Children remain children - it doesn't matter where you teach.
Sufficient time to complete all school work and admin, free lunches, no late hours of extramural activities
school yard not sufficient space, no grass
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