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4,5Balans mellan arbete och privatliv
A team-spirited workplace with lots of growth opportunities
Skrivet av Accountant/Bookkeeper (nuvarande anställd) från Vancouver, BC den 5 oktober 2018
Joining the team a year back felt to me more than joining any company, it felt like I joined a family with a true passion to help sufferers of osteoporosis, hardworking, driven individuals, who also know how to have the best kind of FUN with a genuine interest in each other!

As such, a cultural fit is very important to AlgaeCal, and if you work very - mer... hard and smart, and if you have what it takes, you will thrive here.

The managerial team really spends great effort in knowing, understanding, and helping their employees improve on both personal and professional growth. Within a few months, ... - mindre
FördelarAlways something new everyday, career growth, team lunches, team trips, awesome teammates
NackdelarLots of work but it helps you grow
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