30p master’s degree project: Analytical method development
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30p master’s degree project at Operational Excellence department at GE Healthcare

Analytical characterization techniques for products used in BioPharma industry has high demands on accuracy, precision and robustness. Setting up analytical methods for biologically active compounds is challenging due to the natural variations in biological compounds.

Essential Responsibilities

In this project we will evaluate different techniques for trace-amount quantification of biological compounds in chemical products. The work will be focused on array-based high throughput techniques with fluorescent, kinetic and turbidity detection. The goal is to optimize and validate an analytical assay for quantification of biologically active compounds in presence of different chromatography resins.

Essential Functions/Responsibilities

This role is open to candidates studying the final year of Master programs in analytical chemistry, biochemistry or equivalent.

The Operational Excellence department supports manufacturing and quality control to develop a world class production facility.

GE Healthcare has a long history of producing chromatography resins for academia and pharmaceutical industry.

Starting in January

Last day of application: 2012-12-19

For further information, please contact:
Peter Sandblad (Supervisor), 018/6121797


The successful candidate will:
Enjoy hands-on laboratory work

Have experience of biochemical laboratory work

Have an interest in analytical method development

Have good English communication and presentation skills

Desired Characteristics


Goal oriented

Ability to work independently, alone as well as with others in a project group

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