Exhaust After treatment System (EATS) Design Engineer
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Planning, Product Development and Purchasing
Product Development is looking for a Exhaust After treatment System (EATS) Design Engineer
EATS department within Product development, is responsible for the development and design of EATS system for Volvo Penta Diesel Engines. EATS is an expanding area for diesel engines and we would like to employ a EATS Design Engineer for our new engine projects. In the department there are today about 10 persons working in different roles.
As a design engineer in EATS, you will take an active part in the design of EATS for diesel engines. The engines and EATS are developed by Volvo Penta. We develop system together with suppliers and in some cases we use systems developed by other Volvo companies. EATS components within the system are SCR-catalytic, muffler, UREA system and DPFs. As an EATS design engineer at Volvo Penta you will be working with mechanical issues, such as design, system design, vibrations, technical specification and requirements. Guidelines for EATS installations questions will be handled by you. One part of the job is to document the design in CAD system PRO-E. You will work in the areas advanced engineering, projects and maintenance of products such as quality issues. You will work in close contact with the purchasing department, different projects, testing engineers and suppliers. There is also a lot of contact between different AB Volvo Business Units.
You have probably a B Sc or M Sc in mechanical engineering, interest or knowledge in EATS systems is qualifying. A basic understanding about engine emissions is an advantage. Of course you speak very well English and Swedish
As a person you are goal oriented, easily take initiative, flexible, communicative and enjoy working in a team. We think you are in the beginning of your career and have work in this area for a couple of years.
At Volvo Penta we are actively working to establish teams that will take maximum advantage of the strength inherent in differences in knowledge, experience, age, gender, nationality etc. We find that well balanced working teams increase work dynamics, creativity and new approaches to solutions.
We think that you are in the beginning of the career, although you should have a couple of years of professional experience.

For further information, please contact:
Mats Petersson, telephone 031-3221680.

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